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What kind of scientific posts are accepted on BIIT? 
Every scientific paper that has already  been published as an original contribution on an international peer-reviewed journal is eligible to be posted on BIIT

Can I post a review?
No, we only accept news about original research article at the moment

Every scientific journal is accepted? 
Yes, but it must be in English Language and rated in the International Impact Factor System

Who’s the responsibility of the post?
The Blogger is responsible for his/her posts. He /she must verify it’s real and free from  any kind of embargo. Our editors will try not to modify your post, but sometimes may be necessary to make slightly changes. If the Blogger thiks the post has been edited in a wrong way can request the cancellation from BITT or the correction of the post.

For How long does the post stay on the site? 
In theory, the post will never be canceled from our archives, but the Main Page is contantly updated with new articles. The permanence of your post on the Main Page is at discretion of our editorial team and cannot be modified.

Will my article be inluded in your newsletter? 
The newsletter is a promotional approach that must not become too invasive. the editorial team will periodically make a selection of posts and will promote them. The choice is at discretion of our editorial team.  Multiple newsletter selected by topic can also be sent to a specific public in order to maximize the chances of visibility

Can I somehow hel the inclusion opf my post in the newsletter? 
Yes, you can increase the chance to be selected by writing a high impact article or selecting a strong image.

I’m not a scientist, can I publish on BIIT? 
You can publish if you are a stakeholder in the scientific paper you post about. For instance a press office, or a company. Sometimes even “non scientists”  do contribute to the publication of peer reviewed articles. If this is your case and your name is listed on the article you can publish on biit.

I’m not italian, can I post on BIIT? 
Of Course, BIIT promotes italian science but you don’t have to have the italian citizenship to post ! if you re foreigners but work for an Italian institution you can certainly publish on BIIT

I am Italian but I work abroad, can I publish on BIIT? 
Yes, but only if you belong to an Italian institution. For instance, if you re a PhD student visiting a foreign University but belong to an Italian one, your work can appear on BIIT, if vice versa you’re Italian but you are a staff member appointed at a foreing University you cannot publish.

What’s the advantage of Posting on BIIT?
There are musltiple benefits. First, you make your work and yourself known, and this may lead to new collaborations. Second, you dedicate a few minutes of your time to contribute to common scinetific culture, and effort that’s worth. Finally, you can be contacted by media to be interviewed about your reserach.

If I Post on BIIT, do I become the “official contact” for the post? 
Of course not in principle, we scientist know what fair play is. If you are contacted by media about the reserch but you’re not the main contributor, please address the contact to the right person.

My work hasn’t been published: why?
There can be multiple reasons, maybe the post was not written in the right way or some informations were missing.  remember that our team can only review your post we cannt write it in your place. if you never made science journalism and you wish to know the basic rules for it please watch this bief tutorial.

I’ve published a peer review paper last year. Can I post about it? 
BIIT accepts posts about all peer reviewed papers published within the past 12 months from the date of publication on the blog, and they must not be publicized elsewhere before. Posts are non exclusive of course so you can publish wherever you wish afterward,  but we would like to be the first site you choose.
If you still have doubts pleas ewrite to brainsinitaly@oneframe.it , no more than 800 characters. We’ll reply as soon as possible.